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Posted by Atlanta Tree Servicez on 02:17 PM, 27-May-13

Atlanta Tree Service

Lots more people are already realizing the value of DIY know-how - specially when looking at maintaining the health of their trees! From planting to mulching and my way through between, individuals have really needs to exercise their green thumbs. Yet in terms of tree -trimming, it's best to use a key set of tips under your belt before you begin wielding those pruning tools; after all, one wrong move, and you will kiss that beautiful tree good-bye!

Here's what you should know about successful DIY tree-trimming:

Safety First. Before starting, you need to protect yourself through the possible injuries, if you are trimming a reduced tree. Always wear a couple of goggles (this will prevent splinters from engaging in the eyes), thick pruning gloves along with a helmet. Additionally, be sure that any ladder you use is sturdy and firmly rooted on the ground - otherwise, you can seriously injury yourself in a fall. After all, your tree-trimming efforts should go to waste in the event you find themselves in a medical facility!

The Key Is In The Cut. When trimming, don't cut the branch too closely towards the trunk of the tree; this risky move might backfire, as healthy bark is going to be torn in the base of the tree if the limb is slowly removed. Alternatively, you don't want to leave excessive dead branch. Hit a happy medium by cutting at "the collar" from the branch, which will leave a stump.

Know When To Trim. Most landscaping experts and arborists agree you could trim most trees anytime. There are some varieties of trees as well as fruit trees that you might want to trim inside the fall months, but a majority of trees may be trimmed at any time of the year.

Don't Tackle Major Branches. A knowledgeable DIY-er will invariably know when you should contact the pros when the job turns into too large; so if you are thinking about tackling any major branches yourself, pay the tools and cool off slowly. Major branches should be taken on by professionals, so ask your arborist to take care of these bigger - and much more dangerous - tasks.

Atlanta Tree Service

Whether your tree trimming in Twin Falls Idaho or somewhere else the process is not that difficult. If you're not sure whether it can be done yourself consider hiring a certified arborist since the charges are insignificant as compared to the immediate results.